About Us

Christian Fellowship Assembly of God will seek to fulfill its threefold purpose in this world as spelled out in scripture.   We will exalt God by creating the best worship experience possible for all of God’s people.  We will evangelize the world by following the Acts 1:8 model, start in Hartsville, South Carolina, and move outward.  We will edify the members of Christ’s Church wherever we may find them and in whatever state we find them in.

The ministries that exist, or will exist, at Christian Fellowship Assembly of God will be done with the attempt to accomplish this threefold purpose.  The ministries will be evaluated not based on how long they have been in existence, or on the popularity of them.  They will be evaluated based on how well they meet the purposes of Christ. 

The church has a threefold purpose:  

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1.     John 4:24

2. 1 Peter 2:5,9

3. Psalm 66


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